for publishing conference materials

Materials (manuscript and additional files) for publication should be submitted to the organizing committee through an electronic form on the site

The following files should be attached to the form (no more than 5 Mb):

  • manuscript in doc or docx format (see Manuscript Requirements);
  • information about the author(s) in doc or docx format:
    information about the authors - surname, name and patronymic (full),academic degree, academic rank, position, place of work (without ab- breviations), e-mail (for contact - contact phone numbers) (see example of author information)
  • information in English in doc or docx format:
    information in English - surname(s) and initials of the author(s), articletitle, abstract, keywords (see example of information in English)
  • expert opinion on the resolution of open publication in pdf format (for external au- thors):if among the co-authors there is an author who is not an employee or student of SPbSUT, then this author must receive permission from his organization for open publication (ATTENTION! Expert report is NOT provided for humanitarian and pedagogical areas. It is necessary to attach file with an extract from meeting of the structural unit (where the author works) with recommendation for publication of manuscript in the collection of scientific articles of the ICAIT conference) instead of expert report.

Manuscript requirements

The article should be written in third person in volume - 3 (full) - 5 typewritten pages (with figures and tables). Materials should include: Universal Decimal Classification Code (, State Categories Scientific and Technical Information ( article title, initials and surname(s) of the author(s) (alphabetically), place of work, annotation (at least 5–7 lines, without abbreviations in the text), keywords, article text, list of sources, (it is necessary to add signature under the text of the article for graduate students «The article is presented by Academic supervisor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor P.K. Smirnov»; for non-graduate authors, a signature is added under the text of the article «The article is presented by the Head of the Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor P.K. Smirnov » font 12 pt) (see example of the article text for the collection of Conference Materials).

TEXT. Page format – А4, each edge – 25 mm. Indent the first line – 10 mm. Font Times New Roman (14 pt – Universal Decimal Classification Code, State Categories Sci- entific and Technical Information, full name, title, article text; 12 pt – abstract, keywords, list of sources), single line spacing, text alignment – width.

Attention! Page making must be done by example, styles and macros cannot be applied.

LETTERS. Letters in the text and formulas of the Latin alphabet should be typed in italics, letters of the Greek and Russian alphabets - in direct font. The mathematical symbols lim, lg, ln, arg, sin, min, etc. are typed in direct font.

Abbreviations and text in Latin letters should be typed in direct font.

Do not use letters of similar latin, Greek and Russian alphabets, use your own macros and drawings for letters. Distinguish between the letter O and zero 0; hyphen “-”, minus sign “−” and dash “–”!

FORMULAS. Formulas must be typed in the MS Equation editor. Long formulas should be divided into independent fragments (each line is a separate object). You need to number only those formulas that are referenced in the text. Separate characters and letters of formulas in the text of the article must be typed in the MS Word editor (not in MS Equation!).

Attention! You can not use figures and tables to place the formulas!

DRAWINGS. Drawings and pictures should be placed in the text.

Letters of the Latin alphabet should be also typed in italics and letters of the Greek and Russian alphabets - in direct font in drawings.

Each drawing must have a number and title and designed in Word format (font 12 pt). Attention! Links to drawings in the text of the article are MANDATORY.

TABLES. Width of the tables (title, text in the table –font 12 pt) should not exceed the width of the page.

Each table should have a number and a title and formatted in Word (font 12 pt). Attention! Links to tables in the text of the article are MANDATORY.

LITERATURE. The list of used sources (font 12 pt) is given by the general list at the end of the article (see examples of bibliographic records). The list should be compiled in accordance with the sequence of links in the text. Links to sources in the text are mandato- ry and should be given in brackets.

Attention! The list of sources is MANDATORY

Materials that do not meet the requirements will NOT be ACCEPTED!